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Browse through our stock of tobacco products in Hiawatha, IA

Whether you're looking for a specific brand of cigarette or you need some new wraps, Empire Liquor & Tobacco in Hiawatha, IA has got you covered.

We carry a variety of tobacco products, including:

  • Many different brands and growing
  • Cigars, including Swisher Sweets
  • Wraps for cigarettes and cigars

Wondering whether we have your favorite brand of cigarette? Learn more about our tobacco products by calling us at 319-320-6034 now.

We sell more than just cigarettes and cigars

Our vape store has a wide variety of vape brands and flavors for you to try. From cotton candy to honest tobacco flavors, we've got them all. You'll love the selection of flavors we have for your vape.

You might have a tough time deciding on a flavor to try once you see our selection. Stop by our vape store today to get all the flavored vape refills you need.

Ready to make the switch from cigarettes to vapes?

When you're ready to make the switch from cigarettes to vapes, stop by our local vape store to check out our large selection of vaping products. You'll find that many of our vapes...

  • Come in an endless variety of flavors
  • Are small and easy to transport
  • Can be recharged whenever you need
  • Offer thousands of puffs in every vape
  • Give you full control over your nicotine intake
Do you have any questions about the selection at our vape store in Hiawatha, IA? Connect with us today at 319-320-6034 to learn more about our collection. We're happy to check for any specific brands or products.